One of our favorite local spots, Minero, has just opened their new and improved location! The space is much larger than before, which means less wait time for us when we want to indulge in the delicious food that they serve.

Minero serves a series of dishes that are based off of the flavors of Mexico. The chef, Sean Brock is a James Beard award-winning chef and crafts dishes that are truly out of this world. A favorite is the “Torta del Dia” which is a sandwich served uniquely every single day. Their tacos are also delicious with such pairings as charcoaled chicken tacos with peach, lime pickled red onion, and cotija. Everything on their menu makes our mouth water! You simply cannot go wrong with any dish at this restaurant.

The new space boasts high spacious ceilings with a rustic almost lodge type feeling. The restaurant is much more open, which creates a bustling, and busy feeling of energy that reflects the Mexican culture of Minero. The bar is much larger and stocked with the perfect ingredients to make their delicious and well-known margaritas and cocktails. Our favorite is El Satanico that is made with tequila, yellow chartreuse, tepache, and pineapple vinegar. Make sure to order it frozen for an extra delicious twist.

We, at Salthouse, are thrilled that Minero has opened up a new and improved space, which reflects the success of this young restaurant. We expect great things, and great food from the people at Minero and can’t wait for what more is in store!