One of our favorite venues to work with for weddings, and a variety of other events, is the Gadsden House, located at 329 East Bay Street. It is a stunning, historical home that has recently been renovated to reflect the romance, innovation, and charm that is innate to all Charleston weddings.

The history of this exciting event space is rich. A gentleman by the name of Christopher Gadsden, who was both a soldier in the Revolutionary War as well as a representative in the First Continental Congress, built the home in 1798 as a wedding gift for his son. The house remained in the possession of the Gadsden family until the early 1900s. In 1959 the Historic Charleston Foundation stepped in to save the home from demolition and the current owners have restored this magnificent home to its original grandeur.


The current Gadsden House opened in the summer of 2015, and since then Salthouse has been honored to get to cater many stunning events at the location. There is so much history here and the Gadsden House staff has done a wonderful job of maintaining the charm and glamour that fills the house. All the rooms are empty, and ready to be filled with the décor specially chosen for each event. It is extremely flexible to ensure that the event fits the needs of each specific host and occasion.


Something quite special about the Gadsden house is the third floor bridal suite. Decorated in cool blues and tans, it is the perfect space to prepare for the most important day of your life! There is also a full functioning kitchen and bathroom in the bridal suite, making it the perfect place to relax and get dressed with the bridal party.


We at Salthouse are excited about all of the opportunities available at the Gadsden House and look forward to continuing to create timeless and exceptional events for of our mutual clients!