Meyer Lemons and cranberries make for the perfect brine to complement your holiday meals. For the holiday season serve this sweet and salty brine with lamb. The brine can be prepared and used immediately or prepared up to 48 hours in advance.

Meyer Lemon & Cranberry Brine 

– Cranberry (pureed)…12 oz.
– Thyme (fresh, chopped)…1 bunch
– Meyer Lemon (juiced, keep remaining halves)…4 each
– Garlic (minced)…3 oz.
– Shallot (minced)…3 oz.
– Sugar…3 cups
– Salt…1 cup
– Juniper Berries…2 tbs.
– Bay Leaf…4 each
– Water…1 gal.
– Ice…1 gal.

Place all ingredients except water and ice in a 2-gallon container. Bring water to a boil. Once boiling, whisk hot water into container with all ingredients until all sugar and salt are dissolved. To finish, add ice to the mixture and whisk until all ice melts.

Once the brine is finished, submerge leg of lamb in brine completely covered for 24-48 hours. The longer the brining period, the more tender and delicious the meat will be, but be sure not to brine longer than 48 hours. After the brining process is complete, pull the lamb from the brine, pat the meat dry, place  it on a roasting rack, and cook the leg of lamb in the oven at 325 degrees for 1.5 hours or until internal temperature reaches 135 degrees. Allow lamb to rest for 20 minutes, slice, serve and enjoy.

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