Salthouse couldn’t be more enthusiastic about the completion of the Cigar Factory in downtown Charleston! There are so many new business ventures, and new culinary explorations soon to be filling the empty space.

Along with the offices of Garden and Gun and many other Charleston institutions, there will be two restaurants. The Cedar Room will function as an event space and as a catering company, we are thrilled for such an impressive and attractive venue to be arriving on the downtown scene. Indigo Road is behind this wonderful event space and the restaurants of the Cigar Factory. Mercantile and Mash will both open on the lower level and they are surely going to be some of the top restaurants in Charleston. It is to be a gourmet foods emporium of the sort which is exactly what the Charleston culinary community needs.

The Cigar Factory was long vacant until being bought in the spring of 2014 by a joint venture of local investors. The building plans have long been for the Cigar factory to house a mixture of commercial uses such as offices, restaurants, event spaces, and retail stores. It’s purpose is to flourish in the already bustling Charleston economy and it is sure to add a whole layer of culture to an already culture rich city. It is so important because of the historical value it holds in this great city. It was built in the 1880’s to function as a cotton mill and has grown and adapted its uses over the years to fit the changing nature of Charleston itself. It is only fitting that as Charleston becomes one of the top destinations for both travel and residency in America, the Cigar Factory will become a center of culture, culinary superiority, and business life. We at Salthouse could not be more excited to welcome this treasured building, reborn into a successful business venture to Charleston.