One of our favorite aspects about the catering business is the collaboration between different enterprises. We are proud to host new and exciting companies in our test kitchen. Two of the most recent have been Kenchi Ferments and The Immortal Lobster food truck.

Kenchi Ferments focuses on creating original blends of gourmet ferments. The exciting flavors include such delicacies as Mustard Kale Kenchi and Pomegranate Cranberry Kenchi. The key aspect of Kenchi Ferments is the manner in which they take old, traditional techniques and recipes and sprinkle in aspects of modernity and experimentation. This is what being a chef is all about.


The Immortal Lobster food truck is similarly as exciting. Food trucks are the hottest new thing on the food scene in all cities, and The Immortal Lobster is no different. The basic concept is to serve up “sweet, succulent, delicious Maine lobster.” You can’t ask for much better than that. They serve lobster griller cheese along with the traditional lobster roll. For dessert make sure to indulge in a handmade whoopee pie. The founder, Christopher York, is bringing a little bit of Maine down south, and we are definitely not complaining.


Make sure to check out these two exciting companies. Salthouse loves to interact with the blossoming food scene of the greater Charleston Area and we are so pleased to highlight two of the most exciting up and coming attractions.

CateringKaelyn Hawkins