Promoting local food, farms, and rural sustainability is crucially important for the well being of humanity. GrowFood Carolina does this job, and does it well. They work tirelessly to maintain a local food market in Charleston and the greater South Carolina area. The way that GrowFood Carolina operates is mainly by connecting small, rural farmers with local grocery stores and restaurants. Getting local produce and meats out into the marketplace fuels the local economy. Additionally it creates a healthier nutritional intake for all parties involved. GrowFood is involved with 50 local farms within 120 miles of Charleston, SC. The job that they do in connecting local goods to the nearby population is a treasured one. GrowFood is a company that strongly believes in the tasks they are fulfilling, and will continue to grow and strengthen the community as it grows.


There are many ways that we, as citizens of Charleston can help GrowFood succeed in its mission. Always buy local. Remember to ask for local food wherever you eat, whether it is a grocery store or fancy restaurant. The more people demand local goods, the more they will be supplied. Educate those around you about the importance of putting our money into the farms and community of South Carolina. Additionally, donations are always welcome!


There is a long list of restaurants in Charleston who participate in the GrowFood mission. To name a few, High Cotton, Five Loaves Café, Peninsula Grill, Oak Steakhouse, and so many more. Check out the website to learn more about this wonderful local institution that uplifts our community through food.