It is no secret that a picture is worth a thousand words. As is true with most all forms of art, photography is open to interpretation. It doesn’t take a creative genius to take a picture that evokes a certain emotion; nor does it take a creative genius to become addicted to the shutter of a camera. Perhaps the deeper meaning of why, not how, has attracted Brianna Stello to photography as a profession. You see, for her, the art form signifies much more than just a momentary glimpse into one’s life. Each snapshot can be a small piece of a jigsaw that completes the larger picture.

Throughout her youth, Brianna spent many-a-days exploring the 70-mile point of Cape Cod. A muse to her photographer mother, it comes as no surprise that Brianna has a unique and seemingly contagious perspective on the world that is brought about in her every photo. Whether it be Cape Cod, Charleston, or everywhere in between, her laundry list of places visited convey her zeal and lust for both photography and life.

In an effort to pursue her passion, she moved to Charleston to attend college at C of C. Throughout her four years here, she earned her B.S. in Spanish, spending much of her time immersed and enveloped in the language and culture of Central and South America. However, she still felt largely unfulfilled. Upon graduating, she began working for other local photographers. It wasn’t until three years later that she consummated her lifelong dream of opening her own studio. Here, in 2004, is where she was finally able to put her spin on the world. More than 11 years later, her love for what she does has never wavered. In fact, as the days pass, she feels more and more inspired.

Photography, to Brianna, is much more than a single image frozen in time, and hearing it from her puts it all into perspective:

“Very simply, pictures allow for us to connect to those who came before. From family members to ancestors, historical leaders to our founding fathers, we are all able to see who helped shape the world and the people we see today. Pictures capture memories, and memories are powerful. Memories tie us to people, places, emotions, and points in time. Preserving memories for the days we may not remember, can’t remember, or might just need a reminder, can be a beacon of hope for the future. Images can manifest emotions that words cannot, and can allow for us to find sweetness in the trials. Life is not without hard times, but looking at a picture can always help to remember that there is goodness, even in the mundane tasks of everyday life. As well as preserving images and feelings, photography can also be used simply to create eye-catching art. Different perspectives can be used to tell a story and to generate an atmosphere. So as well as capturing something accurately and allowing you to appreciate it, photography can also simply be expression, creativity and ideas that portray certain feelings to the viewer.”

Her work on weddings and events in and around the Charleston is a true inspiration. Brianna Stello represents the best of wedding photography and we are so happy to work with her. Salthouse is incredibly fortunate to work alongside and partner with such a gifted wedding and event photographer, and cannot overstate how grateful we are for such unparalleled support. For more about Brianna Stello, please feel free to visit: