Goat. Sheep. Cow. is a Charleston favorite. This local spot has the best of the best in gourmet cheeses, charcuterie, and wines. Located at 106 Church Street, this eclectic little shop with its Old World charm is the perfect place to indulge in luxurious and tasty delicacies.

With their good cheer and deep knowledge of their products, owners Patty Floersheimer and Trudi Wagner have made GSC Charleston’s premiere fromagerie.

One of our favorite features is the daily sandwich that they offer. It is served on fresh baguette, and filled with a variety of perfectly sliced, fresh meats and special cheeses, different local vegetables, and exotic spreads. The selection differs from day to day, but it is always delicious.

Because their shop is small, Patty and Trudi carefully curate every item in their store, meaning customers can’t possibly go wrong. Their staff, knowledgeable and eager to assist, ensure you leave with exactly what you want.

Two top staff picks are the Persille Ded Rambouillet, which is a pasteurized goat’s milk from France and the Quadrello Di Bufala, a pasteurized buffalo’s milk from Italy. Each exotic and unique cheese selection would be hard to find anywhere else in Charleston.


We are lucky to have this esteemed establishment and it’s knowledgable staff in our city so that all can enjoy the joy of eating good food with good people.

CateringKaelyn Hawkins