Salthouse Catering is proud to be a platinum partner of the SC Aquarium GOOD CATCH program!

A ‘Good Catch’ is sustainable, one that is caught or farmed with consideration for the long-term viability of their species and for the ocean’s ecological balance as a whole. You can make a Good Catch by choosing seafood from local, sustainably managed fisheries and dining at restaurants that do the same.

The GOOD CATCH program is designed to raise awareness with consumers about the seafood they are purchasing through all levels of the supply chain. Whether you are eating at one of our catered events, or grabbing something quick from your local grocery store, it is important to know if the seafood you are consuming is caught or farmed with consideration for its’ future viability in mind. You can rest assured that Salthouse will always use local, sustainably managed fisheries when planning any menu for our clients. We encourage all consumers to learn more about their local fisheries through the resources provided by the GOOD CATCH program, and be mindful when making a seafood selection in any situation.


As a consumer, your voice will save our oceans – get on board! Whether you’re at your local grocery store, fish market or favorite restaurant, #PledgeToAsk your server or grocer where your seafood came from and how it was harvested. Supporting local and domestic fisheries is the best choice because the United States has some of the strictest fishing regulations in the world.

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