Fresh, peaceful, and delicious, Saint Alban is exactly the coffee shop Charleston needed. Located at 710 King Street, this gem boasts three desirable characteristics: its very own parking lot, a unique ambiance, and the best tasting cup of joe in the city. Walking down the street, the smell of freshly brewed coffee seems to pull you in. As you pass through the double wooden doors and into the quaint space, you are immediately met by the vibe of relaxation. The décor and interior design is reminiscent of an open, European café with floor to ceiling window panels that illuminate with natural light. The colorful tables and modern design invites you to enjoy the experience!

As for what they serve? Anything your taste buds desire. From macchiato to mocha, coffee soda to an espresso and tonic, or chardonnay to malbec, Saint Albans All Day really does live up to its name… Sunrise to sunset, it truly has an option fit for any time. They don’t, however, stop there; not to be left out are all the food items. With a menu that offers caramelized grapefruit, marinated tomato and ricotta toast, and the “worlds best banana bread,” snacking is impossible to pass up. A baguette with cheese, a sandwich, or a breakfast plate offers an array of choices to fill any size appetite. Need a suggestion? A personal favorite is the turkey sandwich, served on freshly baked bread and topped with sprouts and a lemon – avocado spread. I can say, though, with the utmost confidence that you can’t go wrong with anything you choose. Here, you can find your perfect pair of food and drink.

Open from either 7:00 or 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, this new coffee joint is infusing fresh and invigorating life into the community’s food scene. Regardless of where you live, come check it out! You won’t be disappointed.

NewsKaelyn Hawkins