Happy Friday!

Last week Salthouse had the opportunity do an event on a National Historic Landmark! Only in Charleston can an 18th-century plantation be used as an event space. Drayton Hall is a gorgeous, unbelievably well-kept plantation house on the Ashley River about fifteen miles from downtown. It is important not only historically, but also architecturally, for it is a prime example of Palladian architecture, which is strongly inspired by the symmetry of classical Ancient Greek temples.


It is a century older than other preserved plantations: it dates back to the pre-Revolutionary War era (it was constructed in 1742) and a step back in time to southern mansions, slavery, and the emergence of American pride. Visiting Drayton Hall is an experience because you’™ll feel as if you are stepping back in time as soon as you step foot on this secluded 630 acre property. The building hasn’™t even been wired for electricity or plumbing, and there is no air conditioning, making it an interesting venue to work with for an event.

We will continue celebrating the historical and architectural impact of Drayton Hall by using it in ways that mirror how its original residents saw fit: as a place to entertain under the ancient oak trees and enjoy the company of family and friends in a scenic setting tucked away along the Ashley River.

EventsKaelyn Hawkins